Keller 18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys

Have you or someone you known been involved in a semi-truck accident in the Keller Texas area? 18 wheeler accidents are one of the most devastating accident types that happen on the road. The destructive force behind a massive vehicle of this size often causes the severe injuries sometimes resulting in death and the entire situation is catastrophic to any family. Keller 18 wheeler accident attorneys of Keller Texas are her to represent you in the unfortunate even that you are involved in an accident of this type. We are experienced in dealing with these types of accidents and are here to guide you through the procedure and steps to get the full compensation that you deserve while you are rebuilding and returning to a life of normalcy.

Types of 18 Wheeler Accidents in Keller Texas

  • Hard hitting and high impact collisions and accidents which often cause severe head and neck injury, back injury, broken bones, severed limbs and even death.
  • Accidents in which pedestrians are hit resulting in extremely devastating injury or death.
  • High impact rear ends resulting in neck, spine, and back injury or whiplash.
  • Heavy pile up accidents on the freeway or highway where several vehicles are involved.
  • Catastrophic T-Bones accidents resulting in severe injury or death.

Types of 18 Wheelers Involved in Accidents of This Type

  • Classic semi-truck with trailer – This is the classis semi with a box trailer you often see.
  • Semi-truck and Gas or liquid Container – These are the semis pulling large liquid or gas containers and extremely dangerous.
  • Car Transport 18 wheelers – The gigantic semis with a two story auto transport trailer, often times seen as a single unit.
  • Open bed tractor 18 wheelers – Semis and transport trailers often shipping gravel, sand, or other raw materials for processing.
  • Rocky Mountain Double – Semis pulling giant double trailers usually used for the transportation of fuels and liquids.

What to do in the event of an 18 Wheeler accident

In the unfortunate event that you or someone you love is involved in a 18 wheeler accident in Keller Texas it’s important that you take the right steps towards gaining full compensation and gaining full legal representation. Since accidents of this type often involve larger companies and corporations with a lot of money, special care and attention must be taken in the approach.