Keller Car Wreck Attorneys

Accidents involving autos happen every day in Keller Texas. They are often times catastrophic to the life of all parties involved. Keller accident attorneys of Keller Texas are experienced in accidents of this type, they are the most common accidents and almost everyone is involved in an accident of this type at one point in their life or another. We are here to give you the best legal representation available and help you get the highest level of compensation that you deserve for your injuries and time lost from work as well as any other types of pain and suffering. Our combined years of experience with auto accidents in the Keller Texas area will allow us to give knowledgeable representation in cases of this type.

Types of Cars in Auto Accidents in Keller Texas


A subcompact is a smaller car that is classified as being 165 inches of less and often suffers the most damage in accidents of this type. These cars are capable of being completely demolished in an accident in which other cars would only suffer minor to severe damage. This means that the parties within the subcompact often times suffer the most severe injuries during an accident.


Being only slightly larger than a subcompact at 187 inches these cars are only a little safer than their smaller counterparts and often times suffer just as severe damage as the subcompact. There is not much room for forgiveness during an impact collision in these cars in which the entire car is typically crushed.


Classified by having a wheelbase between 105 and 118 inches these are considerably safer than both of their smaller cousins. Midsize cars are the most common cars on the road and are used by families and individuals across the country.


This is any type of larger sedan, station wagon or family car. They are classified by both their length and wheelbase being 191 inches in length and having a wheelbase of at least 110 inches. These are some of the safest cars on the road, and in regards to accidents often times have the most amount of passengers often times containing children.

Sports Car

Usually classified as a smaller two seated care designed for spirited turns and high speeds for the driving enthusiast. These cars are typically fast and driven for performance, therefore they are often involved in accidents and the severity of the accidents can be devastating.

What to do in the event of an auto accident

In the unfortunate event that you or someone you know is involved in an auto accident in Keller Texas, it’s important that you take the right legal actions to gain full compensation for your injuries. Since auto accidents are the most common on the road there are multiple variables in every case when dealing with accidents of this type.