Keller Hybrid Accident Attorneys

Accidents involving hybrids are more and more common these days with more people opting for the new style of car. They are often times sever as the hybrid is typically a smaller type of vehicle. Keller hybrid accident attorneys are experienced in dealing with these new and increasingly common accident types. We are here to use our specialized knowledge to give you the best representation and get you the most in terms of compensation. Our expertise will give you the edge you need in your case.

Types of Hybrids


Toyota Prius and Honda Insights are just a couple of examples of these low emission vehicles. They range in the same scope and size as their gas ran counterparts. They are extremely susceptible to damage because of their light weight and small size.

Mid or Full Size

Hyundai Electra is an example of a midsize hybrid. These are becoming more common on the road, and by most standards are considered to be extremely safe. They have the same size range as those of gas fed mid and full size autos.


These can range in scope and type, a hybrid crossover is a regular type of car or truck which has been converted to a hybrid. Since there are as many types of crossovers as there are other types of cars and trucks the severity and accidents involving these types of vehicles ranges on all scopes as well.


The Mercedes Sprinter is an example of a hybrid truck. They are often large and heavy and therefore can cause catastrophic damage during the course of an accident. These trucks can match the size and weight of semi-trucks to give an idea of the damage they can do.


Ford escapes are perfect example of Hybrid SUVs and are being used by more and more families across the nation. They are considered safe, but because of their size can cause tremendous damage during the event of an accident. Accidents with these hybrid types often involve children.

What to do in the event of an accident involving a Hybrid

In the unfortunate even that you or someone you know is involved in a hybrid vehicle accident in Keller Texas, it’s important that you have the right legal representation which knows how to deal with cases of this type. Since hybrids are rare but becoming more prevalent, there is an increasing rise in accidents of this type.