Keller Van Accident Attorneys

Have you or someone you know been involved in a Van accident in the Keller Texas Area? Van accidents can have a very hard hitting impact on a family or persons life. They often come out of nowhere and at the worst times. And because the nature of a van they are a very high impact collision. There are also often times children involved in these unfortunate types of accidents. Keller Van Accident Attorneys are here to give you full legal representation and see to it that you gain the full compensation for medical and all pain and suffering as well as work that is lost. Our years of experience in the area of van accidents will allow us to give you the best representation possible in these touchy case types.

Types of Van Accidents in Keller Texas

  • Pedestrian crossings – When a person is hit while crossing the street at an intersection or crossing resulting in severe injury.
  • Rear Ends – Read ends involving vans often happen at red lights and result in whiplash and head injury.
  • T-bones – Accidents occurring in an intersection as a result of human error, these are usually high impact and extremely devastating.

Types of Vans involved in Accidents of this Type

  • Family vans – These are any type of van which is used for the transportation of family members often times containing children.
  • Company Vans – Vans that are used for a service and require special knowledge in representation against a company.
  • Public Transportation Vans – These can include and vans used as public transportation.

What to do in the event of a Van accident

In the unfortunate event that you or someone you know is involved in a Van accident in Keller Texas, it’s important that you take the right legal actions to gain full compensation for your injuries. Since vans often involve families and children, there is special consideration when handling accidents of this nature.